Wellesley Walkout

by William Yeatman on October 22, 2009

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The professoriate at Wellesley does not come across as high-minded in this account of a recent visit from CEI’s Chris Horner in today’s Planet Gore.

There was a good turnout at Wellesley College last night for my talk “A Quick Tour of the Ultimate in Political Correctness: The ‘Global Warming’ Issue, Agenda and Industry,” hosted by the College Republican Club . . . once presided over here by Hillary Rodham on her way to a thesis about Saul Alinksy, whose ghost (as we see) still lingers. 

The students were gracious – particularly given the trying circumstances in recent days, including a faculty member (department-head level) expressing in a fairly open forum, with occasional lapses of civility, her sentiments about the club members and their decision to premiere Not Evil Just Wrong on Sunday, followed by hosting me on Wednesday. Oddly, her peculiar take on tolerance and campus diversity included an often salty angst over the students’ supposedly showing no interest in having debate or discussion. 

Odd, because she had been originally approached to speak last night as part of a panel. She said, in short, no professor would want to participate with someone “like that” (er, me). School administrators have now agreed to address the issue of this kind of treatment of a political minority (of which, as you can guess, last night was only the most recent instance). But, having failed to interest any faculty in joining me on a panel – let alone debating the merits – the students finally asked a different faculty member to speak after the film on Sunday. He declined and offered instead an informative lunch with his faculty colleagues – the kind who don’t want open discussion or debate, at least not with anyone but their students.

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WTF October 28, 2009 at 1:48 am

At least you let Prof. d'Ildeaux have her say.

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