Kerry Is Very Confused on Cap-and-Trade

by William Yeatman on October 28, 2009

When Senator John Kerry released a draft of S. 1733, the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, he told reporters, “I don’t know what cap-and-trade means.” That was a pretty strange thing to say, seeing as how he wrote the legislation, and its centerpiece is a cap-and-trade energy rationing scheme.

In the month since, it doesn’t seem as though Kerry bothered to learn anything about the bill he supposedly wrote. Yesterday he told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee that a cap-and-trade “is not a government-run program.” Huh?!?

Perhaps the truth is too damaging politically for the Senator to countenance, so I’ll go ahead and define a cap-and-trade for you: It’s an government-run program designed to raise the price of hydrocarbon fuels that account for 85% of America’s energy. That is, it’s an energy tax.

anon October 29, 2009 at 7:28 am

Actually in the end I think Kerry is right but from a different perspective — follow the money.

When Al Gore testified earlier this year he point blank said he didn't want ONLY a carbon tax, but insisted we have cap and trade.

If cap and trade was a tax, then why not just have a carbon tax. With a carbon tax, we have a real tax and the money goes to the government coffers.

With cap and trade the money goes to private people who will make a ton of it, even if the program is a government programme, which I think even that won't be but will be a private exchange like the other commodity/stock exchanges. Figuratively the money is a "tax" as it raises the price of everything but really its a new wealth transfer system to the traders.

When oil goes up, everything goes up and your wealth is transferred to the oil industry.Carbon credits are the new oil and like oil affect the price of everything!

However unlike oil, their supply (and thus price) are artificially controlled becausecarbon credits are created out of thin air — control carbon and you control life.

Experts predict the carbon market will reach $2 – $10 trillionmaking carbon the largest single commodity traded.

"[Cap-and-trade is] the most significant revenue-generating proposal of our time." Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)

"[Cap-and trade is] too easily manipulated politically." Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader

Read this report for more info

Andy October 31, 2009 at 3:25 pm

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