“Show Me the Warming,” my piece in Forbes Online

by Michael Fumento on December 3, 2009

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From the thousands of email and other documents that comprise “Climategate,” this is one of the most interesting: It’s a “travesty” that “we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment.” (Emphasis added.) Further, “any consideration of geoengineering [is] quite hopeless as we will never be able to tell if it is successful or not!”

What does “at the moment” actually mean? Would you guess the past 10 years! That’s right; no warming in the past decade even as so-called “greenhouse gas emissions” and ambient concentrations are at historical highs! Does this prove global warming is a “hoax”? No. But it proves the simple equation of “more greenhouse gases = more warming” is false. Read about it in my new Forbes Online piece, “Show Me the Warming.”

mimsea December 9, 2009 at 11:05 am

Right, right, that's what all the paranoids said back when scientists found that our planet was round, not flat… But here's some basic "no think" info for the more challenged of the group: an average auto in idle puts out the same heat as an average barbeque grill – now, think of that amount of heat coming from the number of vehicles in idle at any one time, all over the U.S. and all over the world. Heck, L.A. would warm the planet all by itself given all the cars in idle even at this moment. Then, throw in powerplants, the 7000 airplanes that fly at any given time in the world, the heat from the pavement and buildings all over the world… and gee, makes some sense that the planet is warming, quickly…

It doesn't take much to understand that there's a problem, it just takes a little bit of brain to get it…

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