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by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on January 28, 2010

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I imagine just about everyone at one time or another has been added to a mailing list of an organization or candidate who doesn’t align with their worldview. An amusing example of this hit the emailbox of the Commonwealth Foundation, via an message signed by environmentalist Teresa Heinz Kerry (renowned wife of two Johns), who asked recipients to provide their nominees for this year’s Heinz Awards (no, they’re not called Heinies for short):

For most of the program’s history, we have honored five awardees, one each in fields of great importance to John (Heinz), including arts and the humanities, the environment, public policy, technology, and the human condition. Last year, we made an exception to this approach, honoring 10 individuals for their work on the environment, one of John’s highest priorities. This year we want to take this focus even further.

The world is at a crucial moment, brought there by the scale of the human enterprise on Earth. Scientists refer to the cumulative effects of human activities and natural processes on the Earth as global change. The risks of failing to address global changeare too great to accept. Therefore, we seek nominations of people who are addressing global change in unique, innovative and powerful ways.

Note that environoiacs are now moving from “global warming” and “climate change” to “global change.” Let’s prevent humans from doing anything to affect the planet!

You might also recall that Commonwealth Foundation is the Pennsylvania think tank that called for an independent, outside investigation of Climategate‘s hockey stick scientist Michael Mann. I am sure they can come up with some innovative candidates for the awards. If I had the opportunity I would choose the Climategate whistleblower, who certainly instigated “global change” on the climate issue.

Nick St Clare February 11, 2010 at 10:15 pm

On my website, you will see that I use Law to advocate that a global "state of emergency" should be declared for the environment, "everyone working together, using all our splendid and amazing technology for the benefit of humanity, as it was intended by its inventors, and according to Law; in the re-creation of a beautiful Permaculture Forest Garden on this Planet immediately, money no object."

The basis for my argument is that the worlds government(s) are criminal by act and omission in their Duty of Care for the environment, and that it is unlawful to pay ANYONE to commit a crime; therefore it is UNLAWFUL to PAY TAX until the world's government(s) cease their criminal behaviour, which, as the threat of (criminal) environmental damage and destruction is as serious as a threat of war, they can only achieve by a united "state of emergency" for the environment. QED.

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