Earth Hour – HAH!

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on March 27, 2010

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You may have heard something about tonight’s “Earth Hour” (this is not the weekend you want to visit Vegas), in which the World Wildlife Fund co-opted my team’s quarterback to promote a global power-down in order to draw attention to evil human consumption.

As for me, tonight our family will host a large group to celebrate my son’s birthday, so we will have even more lights on than usual — both inside and outside our humble abode. And on top of that, we will force many more vehicles out on the road at the very moment this special hour hits, as parents come to pick up their teenagers. So if my friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute are handing out any prizes for Best Celebration of their Human Achievement Hour, I hope I am at least among the top nominees.

Fredo March 28, 2010 at 5:47 am

Earth Hour is pretty silly. Clearly, it isn’t going to save the Earth to turn our lights off for an hour.

Nor will it affect the Earth for for you to turn all your lights ON for a birthday party (though you’d be smarter to use CFL’s, and save a bunch of money…)

What’s not silly though is this blog’s apparent belief that ignoring scientific evidence, sticking your head in the sand, and supporting the political agendas of Middle Eastern petro-dictators and the nation’s biggest polluters, at the expense of your own children’s health and prosperity, is “conservative.”

No, that’s not silly. It’s plain old dumb.

In 2008 Saudi Aramco made $233 BILLION DOLLARS from your oil addiction. How much did they send to Osama bin Ladin?

The same year ExxonMobil made $47 BILLION from your OIL ADDICTION. How much did they spill in the water and spew in the air for the people around their refineries to choke on?

Meanwhile, the average temperature this winter was the warmest ever recorded in 150 years of instrumental measurements. Look it up.

Yeah, no doubt the oil company PR shills who produce this site have put out, through Inhofe and Rush and this blog, some uber-complicated explanation for why all the thermometers were wrong. Think about it. The simpler explanation might be… pumping out gigatons of CO2 is making it warmer in here.

This spring, Fargo, ND experience its 6th or 7th “100 year flood”… in the last TEN YEARS. Why? Because of heavier snowfalls and more extreme temperature swings… exactly what is predicted by global warming.

Get your heads out of the sand and stop drinking the Saudi Kool-Aid. And have fun with your award from CEI for wasting all the energy you can afford. No doubt it will make you feel very sure that what you are doing is right.

Gero March 30, 2010 at 9:40 pm

I could not agree more, this bozo is bragging about being an energy waster while our world is dieing… These ignorant folk who ‘stick their heads in the sand’ have me worried sick about the future of our planet and the human race…

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