Sen. Boxer’s Demagoguery Knows No Bounds

by Marlo Lewis on June 10, 2010

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Sen. Boxer (D-Calif.) is now speaking against the Murkowski resolution (S.J.Res.26). Her demagoguery knows no bounds.

She asks us to imagine a hundred Senators, who are not scientists, who are not health experts, presuming to determine which pollutant is dangerous and which is not. “It is not our expertise, it is not our purview.” “It is ridiculous.” “It is the height of hubris.” “What are we going to do next, repeal the laws of gravity?” “Maybe we’ll say the Earth is flat and will argue that one too.” “We could pass a resolution that says there shouldn’t be any more rain, and then I guess there wouldn’t be any more rain.”

Boxer ignores — and conceals — the simple fact that the Murkowski resolution would overturn the “legal force and effect” of the endangerment finding, not its scientific reasoning or conclusions.

The resolution is a referendum not on climate science but on who shall make climate policy: Elected lawmakers who must answer to the people at the ballot box or politically unaccountable bureaucrats, trial lawyers, and activist judges appointed for life?

Boxer champions the endangerment finding because it empowers EPA to implement policies that she and other members of the greenhouse faction have been unable to secure the old fashioned way — by ratifying treaties and enacting laws.

Opponents of S.J.Res.26 will do and say anything to avoid restoring political accountability to climate policymaking.

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