Video: Protesting America’s #1 Rent-Seeker

by William Yeatman on August 4, 2011

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I’m a mild mannered guy. But nothing gets my goat like crony-capitalism. So when I was asked by Freedom Action to man a bull horn at a protest of General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt—America’s #1 rent-seeker—I couldn’t resist.

Here’s the background: On July 11, Mr. Immelt was invited to keynote a luncheon given to the topic of “free enterprise.” Mr. Immelt was an ironic choice, in light of the fact that he has spent his corporate career trying to get government to pass laws that force people to use GE products and, to add insult to injury, also subsidize the production of those products. (To read more about Mr. Immelt’s rent-seeking ways, see here, here, and here.) Of course, having America’s leading crony capitalist speak about free enterprise is beyond the pale. This outrage prompted about 30 free-marketeers, myself included, to demonstrate outside the venue where Mr. Immelt was invited to speak. The video is below. I’m the bald sweaty guy with the bullhorn.

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