Keystone Wisdom

by William Yeatman on November 30, 2011

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Yesterday afternoon, my colleague Myron Ebell spoke at a panel hosted by the Heritage Foundation, on President Barack Obama’s recent decision to postpone until the first quarter 2013 a determination on whether or not to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline—the $7 billion, shovel-ready project to deliver up to 830,000 barrels a day of tar sands oil from Canada to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries. He made the case that the President subordinated significant job creation to political pandering.

Myron was joined by Heritage’s Nicolas Loris and also Daniel Simmons, of the Institute for Energy Research. Video of his presentation is available below.

Keystone XL Pipeline Forum from CEI Video on Vimeo.

For additional commentary on the issue, see these posts by Marlo Lewis, another of my colleagues:

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