New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz Pulls Punches on Global Warming Alarmists

by William Yeatman on January 7, 2014

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The New Yorker’s humorist Andy Borowitz has penned a pugilistic piece of satire, about all the people who’ve been punched out because they remarked in public that the freezing cold temperatures currently gripping much of the nation are incongruent with global warming. Hilarious! Read the short, smug note here.

Presumably, Borowitz’s antipathy for “deniers” in this instance is based on their having mistaken weather for climate. Indeed, it’s a common error. Consider, for example:


Or this, regarding Hurricane Sandy:


My favorite is the recent piece below, in which Time Magazine informs the reading public that this current bout of cold weather was caused by…rising global temperatures.


Of course!

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