GlobalWarming.org is a project of the Cooler Heads Coalition, formerly a sub-group of the National Consumer Coalition, but now run as an informal and ad-hoc group focused on dispelling the myths of global warming by exposing flawed economic, scientific, and risk analysis. Coalition members will also follow the progress of the international Global Climate Change Treaty negotiations.

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The History of the Cooler Heads Coalition

The National Consumer Coalition was formed by Consumer Alert in late 1996 as an on-going coalition of market-oriented national and state-level policy and activist groups, which focus on consumer issues in the policy arena. NCC’s issue work was done by its sub-groups of which Cooler Heads was one. Each sub-group focuses on a specific issue, such as internet privacy, global climate change, and health care, and includes experts from the member organizations who study that issue. Since then, Consumer Alert and the NCC have ceased operation, but the Cooler Heads Coalition has remained and continues its mission.