Horserace Ad Absurdum

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on June 18, 2008

in Politics

Paul Chesser, Climate Strategies Watch

That the presidential race inhabits every nook and cranny of the mind of cable television news hosts became ridiculously clear in a Wolf Blitzer interview with Chevron Corp. CEO David O'Reilly:

Blitzer: You know you have — you and ExxonMobil, the Big Oil companies –have a huge public relations problem. In all the recent polls, when the American public is asked, who do you blame for these huge gas prices at the pump, they — more than any other single source — they blame Big Oil. They blame you. What's going on?…

Blitzer: There's other blame, but more than any other single source, they blame Big Oil….

Blitzer: Because you have had record profits, right?

O'Reilly: We're investing those record profits.

Blitzer: But billions and billions of dollars in profits, more than ever before….

Blitzer: You know that Barack Obama says if he's president, he wants a windfall profits tax. He wants to take a chunk of your profits right now and give it back to the American people. John McCain opposes that, as you know. So I assume you would like to see John McCain elected president?…

Blitzer: So, I guess, given the stark difference when it comes to Big Oil between Obama and McCain — let me rephrase the question — do you want McCain to be elected?

Talk about obsessed — and can someone please tell me how that's "rephrasing the question?!"

If you read the whole interview, CNN's iReporters show themselves to be better questioners than the Blitzer.

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