All the News That’s Fit To Print

by William Yeatman on March 30, 2009

The mainstream media is in thrall to global warming alarmism because doom sells print. Rather than run a story about steady global temperatures over the last decade, an editor is much more likely to go with an article about how global warming would harm polar bears (if it ever starts warming).

The Cato Institute has a novel solution to the media’s doomsday bias. It took out a full-page advertisement in major papers across the country, to fight global warming alarmism.

To see the ad, click here.

Suffice to say, 100 respected scientists “maintain that the case for alarm regarding climate change is grossly overstated.”

I applaud the Cato Institute for combating climate alarmism, and I hope the ad makes people think twice. But I also bemoan the state of the media when an advertisement is the news most fit to print.

arnold schwarzenegga April 6, 2009 at 4:52 am

get to the choppa

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