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by William Yeatman on March 30, 2009

Cap-and-Trade War
Wall Street Journal, 30 March 2009

One of President Obama’s applause lines is that his climate tax policies will create new green jobs “that can’t be outsourced.” But if that’s true, why is his main energy adviser floating a new carbon tariff on imports? Welcome to the coming cap and trade war.

Bustin’ a Cap-and-Trade
Paul Chesser, Spectator, 30 March 2009

The increasing atmospheric CO2 has overwhelmed the environmentalists. It’s made them fizzy. And they can’t claim that any new, associated heat has made them delusional, because¬† it ain’t happenin’.

Obama’s China Syndrome
Iain Murray, DC Examiner Opinion Zone, 27 March 2009

It is looking less and less likely that President Obama will be able to institute his vaunted cap-and-trade scheme for greenhouse gas reduction through the back door of the budget reconciliation process.  This places him in a very awkward situation internationally in the run-up to the Copenhagen conference on emissions reduction in December.  Moreover, it forces him to confront face-to-face the biggest problem in any attempt to reduce greenhouse gases worldwide: China.

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