Government Green Schemes Never Work

by William Yeatman on May 13, 2009

in Politics

The DC Examiner yesterday reported on a “green” car sharing program in Montgomery County that is wasting taxpayer money hand over fist. Since January, the County has been paying Enterprise Rent-a-Car $1,100 a month per car for the use of 28 fuel efficient automobiles. As of April 24, the vehicles have been used a total of 83.5 hours, which means that Maryland taxpayers have paid more than $1,300 an hour to use the cars. For comparison, consider that a limo costs $60 an hour.

This is not the first lame brained green car scheme to go awry. A year ago, Bloomberg reported on a federal program to buy flex-fueled cars that can run on E-85, a fuel blend containing 85% ethanol. E-85 supposedly is less carbon-intensive than gasoline, so the program was meant to reduce greenhouse gases. However, there was one big problem: Federal employees found it more convenient to use gasoline than E-85, which isn’t availible in most fueling stations. As most flex-fueled cars are gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles, the program actually resulted in increased gasoline usage and higher greenhouse gas emissions. Whoops!

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