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by William Yeatman on May 13, 2009

EPA U-Turn: “Endangerment” Might Not Mean Regulation
Ian Talley, Wall Street Journal, 12 May 2009

The head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday a finding that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are a public health danger won’t necessarily lead to government regulation of emissions, an apparent about-face for the Obama administration.

The Deep Ecologists
Peter Hannaford, American Spectator, 13 May 2009

America’s “mainstream” media missed it, but April 17 was a red-letter day for its Deep Ecologists. Red letter because it was the day the Obama Administration declared that carbon dioxide and five other gases emitted by industry threaten “the health and welfare of current and future generations.” This opens the door to regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency to “cap” emissions. The Deep Ecologists see this as the path to their cherished dream of a less populous nation with greatly reduced industrial production. It will also lead to a poorer (they would call it “simpler”) standard of living.

Obama’s Anti-Energy Plan
Barry Russell, DC Examiner, 13 May 2009

There’s an old saying among America’s smaller, independent natural gas and oil producers — sometimes called “wildcatters” — that the best way to end up with a million dollars is to start off with a billion.

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