John McLaughlin on Global Warming: “Enough Already Award of 2013”

by William Yeatman on December 31, 2013

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John McLaughlin, the eponymous host of the wonderful roundtable show The McLaughlin Group, gave global warming alarmism both barrels during last week’s broadcast, much to the delight of this regular viewer. The occasion was the 32nd annual McLaughlin Group year-end awards, 2013, part one.

The first salvo came during a segment given to the “most original thinker award of 2013.” The American Conservative’s Pat Buchanan gave this to Peter Higgs; Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift awarded Jeff Bezos; U.S. World & Report’s Mort Zuckerman recognized Pope Francis; and the Chicago Sun Times’s Clarence Page identified Google’s driver-free cars as the recipient of his most original thinker award of 2013. Finally it was John McLaughlin’s turn, and here’s what he said:

The most original thinker is Michael Fumento, an investigative writer and attorney living in Colombia. Fumento has painstakingly documented the unfulfilled and erroneous predictions of climate-change computer models. Now a growing list of scientists reject the so-called consensus that manmade climate change is real. Fumento’s patient debunking of the prevailing orthodoxy makes him the most original thinker of 2013.

Presumably, McLaughlin based this award on Fumento’s recent NY Post op-ed, Global Warming Proof Is Evaporating.

The second shot came shortly thereafter, during the “enough already award for 2013” segment. Buchanan chose Alec Baldwin; Clift went with the Tea Party; Zuckerman identified the Kardashian brood; and Page selected Anthony Weiner. On his turn, McLaughlin said,

The enough, already award goes to global warming, the theory that now masquerades under the pseudonym of climate change. Even its most honest supporters now admit that there has been no increase in the earth’s surface temperatures for 15 years. It’s time to admit the theory is flawed.

Hear, hear!

Watch the whole video below.

jim coleman December 31, 2013 at 1:19 pm

Hip hip for Miguel (sic) Fumento. To not toe the narrow PC line in any discussion on ‘climate change’ is to touch the third rail in any political or social setting – even a dicey subject to broach as a taxi driver – if you want to chance not getting a tip…

And hth does J McLaughlin keep in the know on so many juicy tidbits as this – good/great staff?

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