Weekend Media Roundup: Another Great McLaughlin Group Segment on Climate Change, Rep. Delaney Promotes Wacky Legislation on Platts, and More

by William Yeatman on June 1, 2014

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The McLaughlin Group: For the third time in recent memory, The McLaughlin Group devoted a segment to climate change. Panelists were: Pat Buchanan (American Conservative, paleo-conservative), Susan Ferrechio (Washington Examiner, mainstream conservative), David Rennie (Economist, European centrist), Mort Zuckerman (U.S. News & World Report, American centrist). At the outset of Friday’s broadcast, the eponymous host of the show  tossed a climate change grenade to his guests:

What accounts for the increasingly alarmist tone of official climate change reports?

The ensuing debate was lively, and I thought all parties acquitted themselves well. See for yourself:

Platts Energy Week with Bill Loveless: Maryland Rep. John Delaney appeared on this Sunday’s Platts Energy Week with Bill Loveless to promote his draft bill, the State’s Choice Act. I watched Rep. Delaney’s interview, but I still have no clue what the purpose of his bill is. The legislation, as drafted, would allow States to implement a carbon tax in order to comply with EPA’s forthcoming climate change plan for existing power plants. The problem is that EPA was going to do this anyway. I’ve explained EPA’s impending climate rules here, here, and here; suffice it to say for this post, EPA’s plan will accommodate a state carbon tax, so Rep. Delaney’s bill is a giant waste of the congressman’s time and energy. The best part of his interview is when Bill Loveless asks him whether Maryland should pass a carbon tax, in response to which the good congressman wouldn’t answer. See for yourself:

ABC’s This Week: On This Week with George Staphanopoulos, EDF’s Frances Beinecke and National Mining Association’s Hal Quinn discuss EPA’s forthcoming climate rules.

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